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PanelWrights Begins Washington D.C.'s First Passive House: Click for details

West Virginia's Most Energy Efficient Structure?  See for Yourself!

Industry Leaders
PanelWrights is a full-service distributor of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). We provide complete SIP packages with quality installations for Residential projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our Commercial Division works Nationwide.

The Experience Factor
PanelWrights's experience in SIP projects is unsurpassed within the Structural Insulated Panel industry. Many times, people focus only on price of materials. However, the installation process in all projects is key to the overall success of the project. CLICK HERE for a detailed outline of our experience and why it should matter to you.

Current Featured Project
PanelWrights is the SIP provider and installer on a New England Project designed by World renowned Architect Daniel Libeskind. This unique residential property is one of a kind and will likely make the cover of several architectural publications upon its completion.

More Than A Photo Gallery
Our on-line slide shows feature an audio tutorial. These presentations will provide you with great SIP project pictures and a simple, informative narrative to explain the images as well as the projects in general. CLICK HERE to see our work.

Now that we have your attention, let us explain why PanelWrights demands proper installation. The vast majority of problems that have occurred within the SIP industry are a result of improper installation. This is WHY WE WON'T SELL a package to JUST ANYBODY. It is also why we are not the cheapest guy in town. Getting your job done right is key to both your long term satisfaction as well as our continued long term reputation.

PanelWrights understands the importance of integrating other trades and how their business as usual attitude can wreak havoc on your building envelope. Though there may be many manufactures that can produce a quality SIP, a proper installation is the key to overall project success & durability. If this matters to you, GIVE US A CALL!

Apples To Apples
PanelWrights has lost a number of jobs based on price alone. Not because our package was actually more expensive, rather our competitor's package was not as complete as ours. Our multi-page quotes outline ALL our SERVICES We pride ourselves on being full-service, and unfortunately many potential customers look at only the last page and choose a less than full-service provider. Please take the time to understand all of whats included & excluded from all your quotes before making a decision. If you need help deciphering the apples from the oranges......GIVE US A CALL!

Is PanelWrights The Right Provider For Your Project?

The answer is probably NO if:

  • You're only interested in the cheapest package.
  • You only want blank panels.
  • You want to do your own installation & have NO previous SIP experience.
The answer is definitely YES if:
  • You understand the importance of proper installation.
  • You want the same company to provide & install your package to prevent finger pointing.
  • You have a time sensitive project that requires the speed that only CNC fabrication combined with experienced installation can provide.
  • You're project has design features that appear too complex.
  • You're a commercial contractor that is looking for a supplier than can combine design, engineering, installation & project management.
  • Your project requires LEED Experience.
  • Your project requires an installer who is bondable.

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