Supporting DIY and Pro Builders
Let’s face it, there are three places you want to be assured of your long-term success:

  • Foundation - High-quality purpose-built tiny house trailer for long-term support

  • Structure - A rugged hard shell made of structural insulated panels (SIPs)

  • Dried-In - Integrated weather proofing made ready for roofing and siding

Turnkey Kits
Are you a homeowner seeking a sound DIY solution, or a builder looking for a SIP provider with fast delivery? Timber Trails provides SIP-based structures in four distinctive product lines:

  • Travel Trailers - Lightweight, rugged, and made for regular recreational travel

  • Tiny Houses - Strong, super-insulated, and easily towed without special permits

  • Park Models - Larger, heavily insulated, and meant for long-term campsite parking

  • Cozy Cabins - Modular units of varied size/shape made for permanent foundations

Custom Design
Want to tweak an existing design or craft something extra special? Timber Trails bring your DIY tiny house dreams to life! Our Fast-Track Design service utilizes an adaptive design process that slims down your favorite styles to smaller sizes while retaining real-life practicality.

Through our global distribution network, you will receive your choice of a Ready-to-Raise SIP Kit, pre-assembled Tiny House Shell on a purpose-built heavy duty trailer you can tow home, or professionally delivered over-sized load for Park Models and Cozy Cabin modules.

Timber Trails invites tiny house building partnerships with our growing network of tiny house builders. Our direct affiliation with the SIPschool, the industry leader in SIP construction training and certification, provides an opportunity for you and others in your organization to learn how to raise a SIP tiny house as a team building exercise, scholastic learning experience, or pay-to-participate workshop.

Material Supply
Since we provide SIP kits, we welcome working as a supply chain vendor for tiny house builders and franchise operators throughout the world, especially those seeking RVIA Certification. We offer on- and off-site staff training, with volume discounts provided to partners who buy in bulk.

Field Support
Whether a DIY homeowner or professional builder who’s new to SIPs, we’re building a comprehensive library of DIY How-To Media and Support Materials. Tiny house plans and  e-book documents are provided as mobile-ready media and print-friendly PDFs. Additionally, you can view our how-to videos and podcast from the field on your phone or comfort of your living room.

All finish work is completed by workshop participants, independent homeowners, or building trade professionals. Since our units are quickly assembled, finishing can be a more relaxed experience, with work being completed on your schedule as time and budget allow.

Get Started!
Take the first step in building your one-of-a-kind tiny house, mobile cabin, or cozy cottage. Contact us today for full details, and register now for our limited-time offer on FREE tiny house design and floor plan adaptation.

Live Large -- Go Tiny! 

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