Estimate Your Structural Insulated Panel Project

Updated for Spring 2024

We provide this simple formula to allow you a way to calculate a "ball park" cost estimate in the planning stage of your project.  The formulas used are based on averages and each individual design will vary depending on style, location, panel usage, etc.  This calculation is based on an average size structure (1,800 - 3,000 sf of living space) - do not use these figures for additions as the cost for these vary greatly. Circumstances which can cause price variations include: site location, access, proximity to equipment and lumber yards, time of year, and complexity of project. 

1. Calculate total wall area by multiplying the length of the wall times it's height and add all wall groups together.

2. Calculate total roof area by multiplying the diagonal distance times the length of the ridge and add all roof areas together.

3. Wall area + Roof area = Total Panel Square Feet

For material cost multiply the total panel area by $10.50 (due to volatility in the building materials market, this price can vary based on current commodity pricing).

This calculation provides for 4 1/2" wall panels and 8 1/4" roof panels.  For thicker panels add $0.50 per square foot for each increase in thickness; example 6 1/2" walls and 12 1/4" roof would be $12.00 per square foot.

Included in the material pricing are the following items:

To calculate the charge for installation by a PanelWrights crew, multiply your total square foot number by $4.00.

This calculation is for projects located within 50 miles of Shenandoah Junction, WV.

Included in the labor pricing are the following items:

Although PanelWrights can provide installation nationwide, your projects location may require travel, room and board fees for the crew. 

If equipment is included in our quote (crane, forklift, manlift) typical upcharge is approximately .75 per square ft.

If you have used the formulas and have found SIPs to work for your budget or would rather us do the math, Please CLICK HERE