Design Services

PanelWrights designers create a SIP design based on your construction drawings. Our designers have a keen understanding of how to best incorporate SIPs into your project. We provide preliminary shop drawings for your dimensional and detail accuracy review. Upon approval, the final shop drawings are used for manufacturing and installation.

HVAC Analysis

The high performance SIP envelope requires special ventilation and conditioning consideration. A properly sized HVAC system is vital to the long term durability of the structure and comfort of the occupants. PanelWrights uses professional HVAC designers to review and predict energy demands for super energy efficient SIP structures. The analysis ensures that excessive equipment costs are avoided, indoor air quality is properly addressed, and your HVAC contractors quote what is required for a properly sized system.


We can coordinate the engineering needs of your project. We have working relationships with professional structural engineers experienced in reviewing SIP projects. Most projects do not require a review by a professional engineer; check with your local official having jurisdiction (OHJ).


PanelWrights installation crews are led by Certified SIP installers that have received extensive training in the proper methods for installing and sealing a high performance SIP envelope. Our home base is the Mid-Atlantic region, but our reputation takes us to jobs around the country and globe.

Tech Assist

Do you have an experienced construction crew but need a technical adviser on your SIP install? PanelWrights can provide one of our SIP Certified Installers to work alongside your crew for a day, week or month. Our technical adviser will arrive with the specialty tools need to help your crew fabricate or modify your SIP package. Whether you're installing a blank panel package or a fully fabricated SIP envelope, PanelWrights can help your project stay on track and with-in budget.


Our staff is available for consulting, training, speaking engagements and legal support (domestically and internationally). Our services include the following:

Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing Start-ups -Supported by our sister company, SIPschool. Services available include onsite consultations for plant start-up, SIP manufacturing optimization, and personnel training in both manufacturing and SIP installations.

Conference and Speaking Engagements - Supported by our sister company, SIPschool. SIPschool also offers litigation support services, including fact-find and SIP expert witness services for both residential and commercial issues.