Nailbase Panels

Nailbase Panels (Retrofit Panels)

Nailbase panels are an easy way to add continuous insulation and air sealing to older homes as part of a comprehensive energy retrofit plan or as an energy conservation measure when replacing siding. The composite panels consist of rigid insulating foam laminated to a single sheet of oriented strand board (OSB) structural sheathing as shown on the cover of this Guide.

Panels are cut to fit onsite and attached over the existing wall and/or roof sheathing, providing added insulation without disturbing the inside of the home. New cladding is then installed over the retrofit insulated panels. The OSB face serves as the fastening surface for siding or roofing.

Advantages of using Nailbase panels

  • Various sizes to match design needs
  • Multiple options for substrate and foam
  • Select core type and thickness to match your performance needs
  • Outside installation allows better performance, faster installation, and no disruption of existing wall assemblies, insulation, or mechanicals
  • Detailed to minimize thermal bridges and air infiltration
  • Assembly details that require minimal training