What are the advantages of SIPs?

  • SIPS can be installed in much less time than a site built stud frame. This reduces site labor costs, pilferage, carrying costs and exposure to the weather.
  • SIPS offer superior strength and security.
  • SIPS provide superior insulating qualities. The foam core of the panel provides a much higher R-value in less space than fiberglass or cellulose insulations and maintains this performance indefinitely.
  • SIPS inherently have significantly less air infiltration. The solid foam core and general absence of studs provide an almost foolproof method of creating a tight building envelope. The built-in wiring chases also eliminate air infiltration at this common leakage point.
  • SIPS provide structure, sheathing and insulation in one component. This reduces the number of subcontractors required, supervision costs, and administrative overhead.
  • SIPS are kinder to the environment. SIPS use engineered wood materials for most requirements and use less dimensional lumber as a whole. This significantly reduces the need for old growth timber. The panel's foam core is recyclable, thus reducing the need for raw material and reducing the amount of material reaching our landfills. Construction material waste is a major component in landfill volume.